Welcome to the website of YnNi Teg (Welsh for Fair Energy)

Stop Press – Our 2nd bond offer is now live, raising capital to refinance our development loans. Visit the bond offer page for how to invest in community energy and earn 4% interest.

YnNi Teg is a Welsh community energy project with a 900kW wind turbine. Our EWT DW54 wind turbine near Carmarthen in south Wales was commissioned on time and budget on 2nd August 2017. It stands on a 40m tower, has a 54 metre blade span, and we are expecting it to generate about 2000 MWh of electricity per year (enough for about 650 homes).

Our mission is to help Wales develop a clean energy future, mitigate climate change by installing renewable energy generation, and to do this in a fair and democratic way by spreading the ownership and benefits across the community rather than concentrated in the hands of the few. YnNi Teg is a Community Benefit Society, meaning that anyone (aged 16+) can become a member by purchasing shares hence become a part-owner of a wind turbine.

Our share offer has closed by now, and we are proud to have lots of people, across Wales, across the UK and outside the UK, supporting us. By buying shares and becoming a member, these people are helping to mitigate climate change, helping to build stronger and more resilient communities across Wales plus they get a fair rate of interest on their shares. Collectively we have the power to create a positive future for our children and we welcome you to join us in making this happen.



YnNi Teg is a Social Enterprise registered as a Community Benefit Society. After we have paid fair interest to our member shareholders, all profit will be used for community benefit. This will be partly spent to benefit the local community around the turbine site, and partly to support the installation of more community based renewable energy in Wales. For more information, see the community benefit page.

Our intention is that this is just the first of many such projects that YnNi Teg will build, we will be looking for opportunities for more projects to help make community energy a significant contributor to a low carbon future and mitigating climate change.