Win a pair of pants!

Please can you help us with some market research? We are planning a new marketing exercise for Ynni Teg Cyf – a welsh community energy society that has just built a 900kW wind turbine.

We are currently selling shares in the society, and are planning a new marketing idea to promote the share offer. This is to produce something fairly unique – some ethically produced merchandise that you actually need and will use.

A recent article in Ethical Consumer (an essential read for everyone) discussed underwear, something everyone needs to buy, and most of which involves excessive use of pesticides, exploitative labour, habitat destruction and water pollution. We intend to produce branded pants/knickers (ladies and mens), sourced from one of the suppliers recommended by Ethical Consumer that operates best industry practice. We will give some away with share applications, and offer them for sale too. (Will they become collectors items and swap hands for vast sums on eBay?!)

Because Ynni Teg operates a wind turbine, there is scope for some corny puns. Our question to you is as follows. Would you wear underwear printed with our logo and a wind related message along the lines below:

YnNi Teg pants design YnNi Teg pants design YnNi Teg pants design

Which do you prefer of these possible strap lines: (or please suggest better ones. If we use your suggested strap line we will give you a free pair of pants)

I love wind power
Powered by wind
I co-own a 900kW wind generator
900kW of sustainable wind power

And please do remember that the share offer is open. Please do apply via our website (if you make an application now, you will be able to claim for your free pair of pants if our market research convinces us to go ahead).

Use this form to make your suggestions


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