Update for members, December 2017

The turbine has now been commissioned for four months, and so far availability and output are showing good promise. Data from these first four months as follows:

month kWh availability Performance relative to P50 target Monthly average wind speed relative to 10 year average (UK national data)
Aug-17        78,122 92.6% 49% 102%
Sep-17      162,134 98.3% 94% 98%
Oct-17      193,137 98.6% 104% 113%
Nov-17      171,285 99.8% 86%

This data indicates that the turbine has got off to a good start, the “teething” period was very short with very little availability dropped even in August, the commissioning month (the turbine commissioned on 2nd August). This even includes the period immediately following the official commissioning date during which EWT carried out various commissioning tests.

In other news, we won the award for best Sustainable Social Enterprise at the Cynnal Cymru awards on 30th November. Rob attended the event in the Senedd in Cardiff and collected our award for us.

Jeremy Thorp, accompanied by Wyn Roberts, our marketing agent, plus camera crew, visited the primary school in Meidrim on November 21st. The 11 children in the upper class were given a brief lesson about the turbine and then taken up to the site. In the afternoon Jeremy and Wyn helped the children to build a couple of model turbines using a construction kit. The responses from the children (and the teachers) was very positive.

We have had five applications to our request for interest in the initial £15,000 community fund that we are ready to distribute in the local community. The board have engaged with the community council in Meidrim and agreed to determine how to distribute this fund via a joint committee including Meidrim council members and YnNi Teg board members. We are hoping to determine this very soon so that we can distribute these funds in the community very shortly.

We have just included an extra option for people wishing to buy shares – we have just made it possible for someone to purchase shares as a gift for someone else – the ideal ethical gift. There is a separate link on the website for this, and the recipient gets an attractive gift token that they can use to register their membership and shares. We will be promoting this option in our various marketing channels on the run up to Christmas.

The share total stands at £164,750, please continue to tell your friends and family about the share offer. If you use Facebook or Twitter, please do promote and share our Tweets and Facebook posts.

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