Unique ethical sustainable merchandise offer

YnNi Teg purple underpants

As a special incentive, all applications for shares in Ynni Teg received before 8 July 2018 will receive a unique item of ethical, sustainable merchandise, a pair of YnNi Teg pants/ knickers sourced from Ethical Consumer best buy supplier Greenfibres.com.

Ethical Consumer recently highlighted the problems associated with the production of clothing, highlighting issues such as conditions for workers, pesticide use, and pollution. Underwear is a particular problem as it is the one type of clothing that you need to buy new, whereas you can get outerwear from charity shops etc. YnNi Teg have so far refrained from producing merchandise, because usually merchandise is one of the worst culprits for creating unwanted throw-away trash, but this Ethical Consumer article gave us the idea for some unique ethical and sustainable merchandise. We have therefore teamed up with Ethical Consumer best buy supplier Greenfibres to produce YnNi Teg “Powered by Wind” pants.

As a special incentive, all applications received before the end of April will be eligible for a free pair of YnNi Teg pants/knickers. We are still obtaining supplies and arranging the printing, but all applications from today will be eligible (we will contact you to find out your requirements). Ladies and gents versions available.

You will also shortly be able to buy additional pairs from our website ynniteg.cymru.

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