Tell the world about YnNi Teg!

If you’ve already invested in YnNi Teg, we’re extremely grateful – but could you help us out even further by helping to promote the work we’re doing?

We need to raise £1.8m to cover the costs of our beautiful turbine, which means we need to reach a lot of potential investors. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook you can of course share our posts with your own followers, and that’s an excellent way to help spread the word so we very much encourage it!

But we’d also like to create some content that we can post on our own social media accounts, and that’s where you can really help!

You could, for example, send us a photograph of yourself with a couple of sentences explaining why you invested.

Even better, you could film a short (say 20-30 seconds) video of yourself talking about your decision to invest.

You don’t need to be an expert cinematographer to make a video, nor do you need any specialist equipment; a quick video on your smartphone is all it takes, and you can send it to us by email.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or aren’t confident filming yourself, we could even arrange to film you. We’re trying to make it as easy, and un-scary, as possible for our investors to help; as you’ll appreciate, it’s really important that we tell the world about YnNi Teg, so we’re happy to make it as easy as possible for our investors and members to get involved.

If you’re happy to be a ‘talking head’ for YnNi Teg, please email and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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