Says pants to climate change!

In what must surely be a first for community energy, new investors joining YnNi Teg between now and July 8th (the last day of Community Energy Fortnight) will receive a unique item of ethical, sustainable clothing: a pair of “powered-by-wind” pants made by

We got the idea of offering free pants after reading about the ethical issues around clothing production, such as conditions for workers, pesticide use and pollution. Underwear is a particular problem as it is the one type of clothing that people will always want to buy new.

The sustainable underwear is 95% organic cotton and comes in black for ladies, aubergine for gents, in various sizes. The winning slogan in our recent social media competition “Powered by Wind” is printed on them in both Welsh and English.

Jeremy Thorp, Director of YnNi Teg, said:  “Everyone always needs pants, so we set out to produce some which are ethical, practical and amusing. Our new investors can say pants to climate change by showing their support for community-owned wind energy!”

Remember, pants aren’t all you get. More importantly, investors will also earn a target annual rate of return on their investment of 5% over 20 years, with a minimum investment of just £100, while helping grow community-owned renewables in the UK.

The pic above shows the pants being modelled by our directors: Dan, Jeremy and Rob.

To invest and claim your pair download the share offer document now:

And let us know which ones you’d like: The black ladies’ briefs are available in sizes XS, S M L XL, while the men’s aubergine boxer briefs come in S M L XL.

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