Support from the following organisations was vital to the success of our project.

EWT – the supplier of our turbine and our primary contractor – completing our project exactly on time and budget.

Windcare Ltd – Contracted by EWT to carry out the civil engineering works – praised by the landowner for their care and attention.

Finance Wales – for providing loan finance to enable us to build in time for the FIT deadline

YnNi Lleol – for providing early stage finance needed for Grid payments that needed to be paid before the main finance was arranged.

Western Power Distribution – for hassle free installation of the grid connection.

Community Energy Wales – for initial acquisition of the site and project management through to completion.

Seren Energy – for arrangement of planning permission, FIT registration and for offering the site to Community Energy Wales as a community scheme.

QuadConsult – for acting as Owners Engineer for YnNi Teg and ensuring that the construction was completed to specification.

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