Make your electricity bill carbon neutral with YnNi Teg

Carbon neutral cup of tea

Image credits: Cup of tea: | Stamp: 123RF

Did you know that buying YnNi Teg shares can help you offset your electricity carbon footprint?

For every £1 you put into shares in our YnNi Teg turbine, we’ll generate just over 1 kWh of zero carbon electricity per year. Our total construction costs were just under two million pounds, and we expect to generate just over two million kWh per year.

So, if you buy £1000 of shares, that’s the equivalent of owning your own wind turbine producing 1000 kWh per year. That’s about 38,000 cups of tea, or about 1,800 miles in an electric car.

The national average for electricity use is about 3,300 kWh per home per year, but if you’re reading this you probably use electricity more economically than the national average. Depending on your household consumption, 1000 shares could cancel out half of the carbon from the electricity you use at home.

Have a look at your electricity bill and find out what your annual consumption is. If you buy that many shares in YnNi Teg, you’ve offset your electricity carbon footprint.

We know carbon offsetting is controversial, but that’s because often there is no guarantee that the carbon savings will happen. But with YnNi Teg, you can see exactly what your money is doing and will do for the next 20 years.

What’s more, you should get an average return of 5% on your shares – so for once, taking the ethical option is also the sound financial one!

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