Latest performance update

The turbine has so far generated 3,357,429 kWh since commissioning (as of 10th April) and 570,334 kWh in the first 3 months of 2019. This compares to 670,158 for the first quarter last year, the difference mainly being a very windy January last year compared to this year.

The turbine is maintaining a very high reliability, with its availability being 97.9% for the first three months this year.

The rolling 12 month average is still down on our central prediction in the share offer (1834 MWh compared to 2187 MWh) but this is still the effect of the very calm period in summer 2018. These statistics will mean much more when we have come through another summer, which this year we hope is a bit windier than last year.

Overall our financial performance is good, because although output is marginally down, the price we are getting for electricity is higher than the conservative estimate we included in our original model so our income is very similar to the amount we predicted.


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