Community fund

In addition to preventing the estimated 827 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year, the surplus income from the turbine will be used in the following ways:

We have set up a local community fund aimed specifically at the people living closest to the turbine. We have already put an initial lump sum of £15,000 into this fund, which will be followed by £2000 every year for the next 19 years (until the Feed in Tariff ends). This will be spent in consultation with the local community. If you live within sight of the turbine, and have an idea for something beneficial that could be done with this money, please get in touch. We would prefer to use it for projects that have some connection with the environment or climate change (because that is our mission) but the priority is for it to be something that the local community want to see happen.

In addition to this local fund, all the remaining surplus is expected to be gifted to Community Energy Wales, subject to endorsement each year from our members at the AGM. Community Energy Wales is a Social Enterprise that helps and supports community groups across Wales to get their own community owned renewable energy projects off the ground. Community Energy Wales is current funded by grants but these are getting more difficult to obtain, and the funding from this turbine will give Community Energy Wales more security into the future to continue their grassroots work.

The amount of surplus that will be available for this purpose will depend on the performance of the turbine, but if it performs as well as we hope, it could mean an amount of around £30,000 going to support community energy projects across Wales into the future.

What projects have benefited from our Community Fund so far?


Meidrim Primary School were given £10,250 to create new outdoor activity areas including a mud kitchen area, a performance area and willow areas for creating willow dens. More work is planned including an assault trail, picnic benches and a creative/musical area. The Foundation Phase area in the playground has also been made more secure with a new creative and artistic wooden fence.