Bond Offer

Welcome to our bond offer. You can buy bonds in our society which will earn you fixed 4% interest.

The offer opens on 26th April 2019 and closes on 27th May 2019.

We will pay interest annually, plus a return of 10% of your capital each year, until by the end of year 10 you will have received all your capital back.

You can apply to withdraw your remaining bonds at any time and there is no penalty for early withdrawal. You will receive interest for any part year pro-rata.

There are only £200,000 bonds available through this offer and offer will close on 27th May or when the target is reached, whichever happens first.

Please download our Bond Offer Document for full details.

We will use the capital to enable us to repay some of our original construction loans which we pay a higher rate of interest on. This means that we create more surplus which we will use to help establish more community energy schemes through our community energy fund.

You can apply on-line by filling in our Bond application form or by filling in the application form at the back of the bond offer document and posting it to us at the address on the form.