YnNi Teg Cyf  is a Community Benefit Society. This is a form of Registered Society which is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

A Registered Society has members, and a board which is elected each year at an AGM by the members.

YnNi Teg membersOur members will be everyone that has bought shares in our society. We have a board of founder directors who have set up the society and managed it through the construction phase. We also co-opted an additional director, Gareth Tucker, at the start of 2019, for his experience in developing this scale of wind turbine.

The society is run according to a set of rules, which have been approved and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. These rules cover issues such as who can be a member, how board meetings and general meetings are run, what quorums are necessary, how many directors should be on the board and so on. You can download a copy of our rules from our downloads page.

YnNi Teg Cyf has a strong link to Community Energy Wales. It was the board of Community Energy Wales that were offered the site and set up YnNi Teg as a suitable trading platform from which a wind turbine could be operated. Now that YnNi Teg has been set up, it is an independent autonomous organisation but with a letter of intent between the two organisations committing part of the surplus profit from YnNi Teg to be gifted to Community Energy Wales to help support its work with community groups in Wales.

The current board of YnNi Teg are all directors or employees of Community Energy Wales, but it is expected (and hoped) that now that YnNi Teg has shareholder members, that some of these members will stand for election to the board at the forthcoming AGM this year.

The current board of directors

Dan McCallum - YnNi Teg

Dan McCallum

Dan is one of the founders of Awel Aman Tawe, a South Wales based social enterprise promoting community energy projects. Dan was a finalist in the 2007 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and is an enterprise role model for the Welsh Government Dynamo programme, undertaking frequent presentations to schools and FE conferences. Dan’s post is funded by the Welsh Government’s Ynni’r Fro Programme, which uses European Structural Funds to offer social enterprises grant aid and loans, together with free, independent advice, to help them develop their own community-scale renewable energy schemes across Wales.

Grant Peisley

Grant Peisley – a social entrepreneur, localism practitioner and sustainable communities consultant. He is a Founding Director of who has helped over 40 community groups on energy projects and been finalists in the Wales Green Energy Awards, Renew Wales Awards and highly commended in the past two Sustain Wales awards for work in Community Energy. Grant is also a Director of Community Energy Wales and YnNi Llyn.

Rob Proctor

Robert Proctor is the Business Development Manager for Community Energy Wales and has helped to set up the organisation which now has over 60 members throughout Wales.  He is also Programme Director for the award winning Renew Wales programme which has supported over 400 communities in Wales to take action on climate change.  He has over 12 years’ experience working in the community and environmental sector and has specialised in Community Energy over the last 3 years.

Jeremy Thorp - YnNi TegJeremy Thorp

Jeremy Thorp is a board member of Community Energy Wales and works for Sharenergy, a social enterprise supporting community energy projects across the UK in particular with raising finance through community shares. He has also been active for the last 10 years in climate change related projects in his local communities of Newtown and Montgomery in Mid Wales, and is a champion of electric bikes.

Gareth Tucker

Gareth Tucker is a chartered engineer with over fifteen years experience working with renewable energy, including involvement in a number of community energy projects. He works at Carmarthenshire Energy, a social enterprise who own a similar sized wind turbine to YnNi Teg, is a director of renewable energy developer Seren Energy and chair of Swansea Community Energy and Enterprise Scheme. Gareth was co-opted onto the YnNi Teg board in January 2019.